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In the Studio with Begg x Co

The latest drop of our autumn/winter collection is titled ‘The Studio’, inspired by the creative spaces used by artists, musicians, writers, and the like. We catch up with two of our talented Begg x Co designers to discover more about how the studios they work from inspire them.

Creative Collaboration Design Stories

“Working in the studio allows creative collaboration with the other designers, all of whom are very talented, and everyone has their own unique skills. I find working with other creatives very inspirational, sharing and curating together is a great source of inspiration and makes me excited for all of the possibilities when creating woven fabrics.
The studio is filled with woven samples, mood boards, and magazines which provide a great source of inspiration/starting points for a project.”

Nicole Watson, Textile Designer for Begg x Co also reflects on how a change of environment is reflected in the work - “Working from home provides a calmer space and allows me to get lost and completely invested in what I’m working on. Listening to my own playlists at home gives me the inspiration and energy for my work – these are often the playlists I’m too embarrassed to share in the studio! Sometimes just tuning into what drives you, can provide the best source of inspiration and stimulation.”
Total Luxury Design Stories

My favourite product from the studio drop has to be the Washed Nuance Ombre stole. It is total luxury, 100% cashmere, with the most beautifully blended colour gradient to create the ombre. So much goes into making this product, which makes the Nuance completely unique to us. The washed finish provides a more casual look, which is the perfect winter accessory – there is no comparison to this product!

A Hive of Activity Design Stories

Textile Designer Stacey Keen shares a bit on the value of creating in different spaces – “I split my time between the mill, and my “at-home workspace” in the Eastend of Glasgow. I love and value both spaces for different reasons.

The mill studio is a hive of activity. Being on-site at the same location as where the product is made is amazing because you have direct access to a wealth of knowledge from the artisans on the mill shop floor. We also have an extensive archive of cloth to refer to for inspiration, as well as a shared library of books and magazines. Overall, though, the thing I find most inspiring about the studio is all the impromptu opportunities for collaboration with the wider design team. Our team is full of incredibly talented people and working with them always sparks inspiration and innovation for me.”

Focusing on the Details Design Stories

“At home, my work environment is much quieter, and calmer. In my home space, I work with music on in the background, and it’s there I can retreat a little from the hustle and bustle of the mill, and just focus on details without too much distraction.

My favourite product from the studio drop is Washed Kishorn Dodds in Navy Brown. Kishorn is one of my favourite qualities in the collection.  It is 100% Cashmere, so it’s luxe, but without being too pristine or fussy.  I love the tumbled fringes!  And this design works so beautifully because of its simplicity – it’s all about the rich colour and textural details of the cloth, and it’s so effortlessly cool.”