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How to Care for Cashmere Knitwear

Our cashmere knitwear is handcrafted in Scotland from the finest fibres and with meticulous attention to detail. From the iconic Yacht Cardigan to our Crew Necks, each piece of Begg x Co knitwear is timeless, an investment piece designed to last. 

From design to realisation, up to 87 pairs of hands ensure our knitwear and accessories meet the highest standards. Taking care of your cashmere knits will ensure they are wardrobe staples for years to come. We share our ultimate guide to caring for your cashmere pieces…

Cashmere care | Begg x Co

Caring for your cashmere 

Cashmere is a delicate, natural fibre and over time pills will appear on your sweater or cardigan. These tend to appear in areas where friction from wear occur, such as the sides of the garment. To remove the pills, use a cashmere comb, razor or a de-bobbler and follow these steps before washing. 

Firstly, lay the garment on a flat surface, holding the fabric taut with one hand and the cashmere comb in the other. Next, gently run the comb over the sweater with particular focus on the areas with a build-up of pills. Remove any fluff from the comb and repeat when necessary.

How to wash cashmere knitwear, a step by step guide

We recommend hand washing your cashmere knitwear in lukewarm water using a cashmere shampoo, following the steps below. 

First, submerge the knitwear in lukewarm water and add cashmere shampoo, leaving to soak for just a few minutes before squeezing gently to clean. It’s best to use a cashmere shampoo which is specially designed for natural fibres - detergents or fabric softeners can coat the fibres and increase pilling. 

Next rinse the sweater several times in clean lukewarm water, gently squeezing to remove excess water. A towel can be used here to gently press the water out. Dry the garment by laying it on a flat surface to reshape.  

Finally, when fully dry iron the cashmere knitwear on a cool setting, always using a damp cloth to protect the fibres from the iron's direct heat. 


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How to store cashmere knitwear 

We recommend storing your cashmere knitwear flat or folded, as over time hanging the knitwear can stretch the garment. Cedar wood is renowned for its moth repelling properties due to the natural oils in the wood. Placing some cedar wood balls in your wardrobe or drawers with your knitwear can help protect your cashmere from moths.

To go the extra mile in protecting your cashmere knits, store your pieces in reusable bags. Begg x Co knitwear is packaged in branded dust bags, woven at our mill in Ayr from surplus yarn as an environmentally friendly packaging solution, designed for reuse as long-term storage. 

Cashmere Care Kit

We have carefully curated each element of our Cashmere Care Kit, to help you get the most out of your Begg x Co products so they can be cherished for years to come.​


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