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The Icons

A curated collection of Begg x Co favourites,  that define our brand.

Widely admired, the Icons, are a curation of truly timeless cashmere knitwear and accessories for the modern lifestyle, crafted in our mills in Ayr on the west coast of Scotland and Hawick, 'The Home of Cashmere', in the Scottish Borders.

Yacht Cardigan The Icons

Crafted in 8 ply of the finest grade Scottish Cashmere and responsibly crafted at our mill in Scotland. From design to final checks, it takes twenty pairs of hands and nineteen processes to create our iconic Yacht Cardigan.

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Shadow The Icons

Crafted in 100% cashmere, the Shadow's mix solid dye yarns with melange yarn for three colours in one, knitted slightly out of gauge for a super soft and lightweight feel.

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Joy Slouch Knitwear The Icons

Discover elevated everyday knitwear for women. Crafted in 100% cashmere, the Joy Slouch styles are knitted slightly out of gauge for a super soft and lightweight feel.

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Luxury lightweight scarves for men and women
Natural cashmere crew neck sweater for women
Hot Pink longline cashmere cardigan with pockets for women
Grey Mock Neck Cashmere Sweater for women
Navy longline cashmere cardigan with pockets for women
Lightweight Cashmere Scarves
The Wispy The Icons

Ultra-lightweight, this superfine scarf contains an astonishing 8km of the finest gossamer yarn from goats in the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia, whose fine hair is used to create some of the world’s most luxurious garments.

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Arran Cashmere Scarves The Icons

Named after the Isle of Arran, situated across the water from our mill in Ayr. Superbly soft and luxurious, our Arran cashmere scarves keep you warm even on the coldest days. Each Arran scarf goes through 35 different processes before being finished with our iconic ripple effect, achieved by brushing the surface with Italian teasels.

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Cashmere Beanie Hats
Alex Cashmere Beanies The Icons

Luxurious yet practical, this ribbed beanie is crafted from the finest cashmere for a soft yet substantial feel. All of our yarns are dyed to our unique specifications and tested for length, stretch and quality before they’re cut and woven — the cashmere in particular is stored under cooler temperatures to retain its natural quality. Ribbed throughout for an impeccable fit, this beanie guards against the cold while looking timelessly sleek, and was made to do so for many years to come.

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The Nuance Collection The Icons

With a seamless transition of colour, the Nuance collection is patented and entirely unique to Begg x Co. Its remarkable appearance is due to the skill and mastery of innovative spinning techniques. This traditional method creates the subtle, gradual blending of shades from fringe to fringe.

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