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A cashmere repair specialist repairing knitwear in Begg x Co Burlington Arcade store window.

Cashmere Repair with Alexandra Brinck - Begg x Co

For London Craft Week, textile designer and cashmere repair specialist Alexandra Brinck joined BeggXCo to talk about on cashmere care and repair techniques.

How to Care for Cashmere Knitwear

Taking care of your cashmere knits will ensure they are wardrobe staples for years to come. We share our ultimate guide to caring for your cashmere pieces…

In the Studio with Begg x Co

Inspired by the creative spaces used by artists, musicians, writers and the like, the latest drop of our autumn/winter collection features knitwear and accessories in a palette of earthy tones with pops of ochre. We catch up with two of our talented in-house designers to discover what inspires them when creating for Begg x Co.

Artist's Corner - Sophie Smallhorn - Artist

We are thrilled to have collaborated once again with British artist Sophie Smallhorn to create a vibrant window installation using upcycled cashmere Wispy Scarves at our London Pop-Up shop.

Artist's Corner - Hayley McCrirrick - Artist

Hayley McCrirrick is a Scottish artist working with textiles. She established her studio in 2018 and since then has shown work in London, Edinburgh and Paris, also completing various commercial and private commissions in the U.K and USA.

Friends of Begg x Co - Bruce Oldfield

One of the UK’s most celebrated couturiers, Bruce Oldfield OBE is best known for his couture and bridalwear designs. We had the honour of visiting Bruce's London Studio, where we discussed inspiring women, his favourite designs and inclusivity in the fashion industry today. 

Design Stories - John Booth Collaboration

This year, we add two new John Booth Art Blankets to our artist series collection. The “Graffiti Blanket” and the “Collage Blanket”, both inspired by the artist’s sketchbook, provide the canvas for a playful pop of colour and a celebration of line and mark making. We caught up with Begg x Co designer Nicole Watson to discuss the creation of the blankets.

Why is Cashmere a Luxury Fibre?

Cashmere is the perfect fibre in so many ways. Not only is it soft, delicate and beautifully fine, it’s three times more insulating than sheep wool and is extremely versatile. Such versatility means that cashmere fibre can be transformed into a vast array of garments and styles.

Artist's Corner - Will Cruickshank - Artist

Will Cruickshank has a multidisciplinary practice which includes sculpture, film, photography, and printmaking, alongside machines and participatory works. His recent practice has focused on making objects through the development of experimental machinery, materials, and production methods.

Why Gift Cashmere?

When it comes to Christmas, there are three factors that come into play when I’m buying gifts. The first is thought – for me this is about the craftsmanship behind the item. The second is sustainability. What is it made from? Who made it?  And finally… longevity. Is this item good quality?