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Simon Cromption Selects His Spring Summer Favourites

Simon Crompton leans against a brick wall wearing a navy jumper with navy cashmere square neckerchief and grey slacks

Simon Crompton Selects His Spring Summer Favourites

Founder of Permanent Style Simon Crompton, the UK authority on classic and luxury menswear, takes you through some of his must have pieces from our Spring Summer 2019 collection.

Filigree Steel Super Lightweight Cashmere Scarf

"My first Spring Summer recommendation is incredibly lightweight and versatile. Wrapped tightly around the neck for warmth or draped for style, it adds something to almost any combination."

Wispy Saffron Superfine Cashmere Scarf

"Saffron is an unusual colour for men's accessories, but a powerful one. Striking without being too strong or acidic, it is particularly nice with browns and navy."

Wispy Hanover Navy White Superfine Cashmere Square Scarf

"If a bandana at the neck is a workwear fashion, the luxurious take is a cashmere scarf in Begg’s distinctive Wispy variety, which is so fine as to be almost unnoticeable - save the sense of gentle warmth."

Male Model Wearing a navy neckerchief with white spots and a navy sports code holding a red tartan blanket behind him

Wispy Hanover Navy White Superfine Cashmere Square Scarf

Fiji Silver Grey Lightweight Cotton Linen Scarf

"Personally, I think this quality of scarf can create too much contrast in some colours. But in pale grey, as here, the mix of cashmere, cotton, linen and silk creates a simple, Spring-like sheen."

Cottlea Gingham Black White Cotton Linen Scarf

"A definite change of pace. The mix of cotton and linen makes this scarf feel much more casual, light and crunchy. Nice with jeans or chinos."

Black and white photo of male model wearing black and white gingham scarf

Cottlea Gingham Black White Cotton Linen Scarf

Wispy Painted Camo Superfine Cashmere Scarf

"Some fun to finish. I find it interesting how many colours there are in this version of camouflage, and yet how understated it feels - the little splashes of orange and yellow against grey and bruised purple."

Muli coloured camouflage printed scarf blows in the wind

Wispy painted Camo Superfine Cashmere Scarf

With Love,

Begg x Co