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Friends of BEGG & CO Camilla Hewitt

How is life on the Isle of Wight during lockdown, and how are you staying positive?

I have been so lucky to spend the last seven weeks of lockdown on the Isle of Wight, the open space and fresh air has really helped maintain my mental and physical health. I have loved buying produce from local farm shops and cooking seasonal dishes to boost my gut health and immunity. Wild garlic has been growing everywhere, I have been picking bunches on my morning run and making fresh pesto and hummus… 

Hopefully the simpler way of life the lockdown has encouraged us to lead, will make us appreciate our natural resources more than ever, as an environment to exercise in, as a mental escape from time spent indoors/in front of screens, and as a place to grow our own produce.


We have just launched our new collection titled Gourock Lido that was shot at the outdoor pool famously shot by Martin Parr. You are an open water swimmer - How long have you done this, and can you tell us a little bit about the benefits you get from this and your journey to where you are now?


Growing up on the Isle of Wight I was thrown in the water at an early age. Living in London now, I really struggle if I spend too much time away from the sea, there is something so soothing about the sound of waves rolling in or the gentle lapping on the shore. I have discovered Shepperton Lake, where I can join the triathlon tribe during the summer months. The benefits of swimming in open water are incredible, I really struggle with meditation but the repetitive stroke puts my mind at rest immediately, meaning I can process thoughts that have been troubling me. Immersion in cold water also reduces inflammation and improves our anxiety/stress response system. It is basically a massive mood booster, sending serotonin and endorphin levels soaring!

Could you share some WFH home/quick zoom beauty wins with us?
I haven't worn a scrap of makeup over the last seven weeks and as a result my complexion is clearer than ever. I have been spending a lot longer on my skincare routine though, something that is normally quite rushed. The best addition has been my 001 Skincare CRYOpress facial roller, you pop it in the freezer and the cold temperature triggers increased blood circulation, pumping oxygen and nutrients to the skin and encouraging lymphatic drainage. There is a visible difference after just one use, I will definitely be using it on clients when I return to work. 
The one product I always recommend is Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum. Retinol is the gold standard of anti ageing products, however it makes skin more sensitive to sun exposure, this plant-derived alternative has all the benefits of a regular retinol without the harsh side effects. 
I have also discovered Bolt Beauty, a new skincare brand that has developed a cleanser, moisturiser, serum and blemish fighter all in capsule form. These single use capsules prevent product wastage and are made from biodegradable seaweed, meaning they dissolve in warm water after use. Hopefully this clever type of packaging will pave the way for more sustainable skincare, that will protect our oceans for future generations. 
Have you learned anything new about yourself during this time?
I have learnt that anything is possible with ambition and human connection. I am a workaholic and initially the thought of not doing my everyday job was extremely daunting, but I have spent the time developing a new wellness website, WELL CURATED, with one of my greatest friends. We have kept each other sane and achieved so much in the process, using our contacts in completely different ways to build a new business that will hopefully benefit a lot of people. 
I have also realised I have a whole wardrobe of clothes in London I really don’t need, I drove down here with one bag, the contents some running kit and a cosy cashmere jumper and I haven't wanted for anything else… except maybe your festival throw for thebeach, as an emblem of hope and courage and compassion.
Do you have any music or book recommendations you can share with us?
The Course of Love by Alain de Botton
Normal People by Sally Rooney
The Consequences of Love by Gavanndra Hodge 
Can you spot the theme? Maybe grab some tissues before you start!
I also love Holiday Magazine, for inspiration and a visual escape from it all.

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