Working From Home Tips Guy Marshall Art Director & Owner Studio Small

Working From Home Tips - Guy Marshall, Art Director & Owner Studio Small


Q1. How are you feeling?

We are lucky we can work from home is my feeling.

I’m worried but I’m really proud of our team who are all pretty young and are holding it together.

Q2. Tips for working from home?

GET A ROUTINE — But don’t beat yourself up if its sometimes hard to stick to. I like to be at my desk as I normally would if I were in the studio. I have to admit sometimes it’s easy to be distracted.

AVOID THE FRIDGE — Again sometimes easier said than done.

GET SOME EXERCISE — Trying to go out on my bike this week or do some stuff in the garden.

KEEP CHATTING — I think everyone has a moment when they feel overwhelmed by the current situation.

It's fine to be worried we have created a few chat channels Instagram — Slack — WhatsApp and Zoom etc

We need to stay connected share our work and our feelings have a laugh etc.

READ ALL THOSE BOOKS — Trying to march through all the books I’ve not had time to read

HIRE AN IMAGINARY CO-WORKER — To blame things on — Peter keeps leaving his

stuff all over the office, Peter hasn’t made a cup of tea for days, Peter hasn’t emptied the dishwasher.

Dunno what we are going to do with Peter… etc

GET A PLAN — For when this is over… I’m going to do this… Go here… Buy a dog etc

Maybe it’s a time to change some stuff and make this into a positive.

Q3. What music are you listening to? 

Yes I have been listening to the music playlist below or podcasts mainly Peter Crouch…

as its a funny and stops me missing the lack of football.

I’m avoiding too much News its too much to deal with.

Q4. Best Way to Stay Positive?

I can hear everyone I know laughing at me answering this… I’m a real cup

half-empty person — everything can be better is my feeling.


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