Friends of BEGG x CO Massimo Montanaro

You are living in Italy, how is everything over there at the moment?

For over one month Italy is still completely under lockdown with a lot of unhappiness and pain. All of that it is not due because people cannot go out or live a normal life but because I feel our Government gave wrong information at the early beginning of the Virus, they under estimated it and then little by little he has closed everything down without taking into consideration people's needs,  capacity of the hospitals, numbers of medics and paramedics involved, luck of mask/ gloves / safe protections and so on.

Can you tell us a little more about your work and how important it is to you?

You at Team Begg, who know me, are aware that my job is as important as family and life.

I cannot see myself without it and I thank God that I am the CEO, which means I can still come and go to the mill every day. Just to let you understand how I am and my belief on my business, when I had to shut the mill on March 26th after a specific full day of sanitising the building, I cried all the way home while driving.

We feel lucky to have you as such a great partner in our supply chain here at BEGG x CO, do you feel there is a stronger feeling of community and support that has helped you during this time?

You as a customer, along with some other good customers, who have become friends over the years are a good support because we are all sharing this sad experience together and by keeping in touch constantly it gives me/us the opportunity to feel part of a bigger family. This fact contributes to thinking smart and I don’t feel alone when I think about decisions I have to take to redesign our future.

What are you doing to stay positive in this current climate?

By continuing to work, training a bit at home, reading newspapers and having barbeques, I feel positive and stay positive, and I also keep dreaming of the day when I can travel again to meet you all, as well as driving and racing nice sport cars.

Do you have any upbeat music recommendations?

Concerning music, I listen at least 4 times a day a few Italian old songs, like : "Si puo dare di  più" (never give up) and Domani, which is a special song - a lot of singers played it when the big earthquake destroyed Abruzzo, which is a very nice shire in the south of Italy . If you hear both of these songs, then you will have a lot of energy and blood running into your veins.

Do you have favourite recipes/ comfort food dishes you can recommend?

Regarding food, well there is a lot I would recommend, but there is nothing better, either in terms of social sharing or colour, than a real nice soft Pizza followed by a delicious pint of Scottish pale ale. Then a nice ice cream, where you should put 3 shots of a nice Glenlivet 18 years old on top.

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