Friends of BEGG & CO Teddy Mitchell

How was lockdown for you, and what are you doing to stay positive? 


Aside from being unable to work, lockdown hasn’t made an enormous difference to my life. I’m a more of a homebody these days anyway. My husband really is my best friend so we’ve enjoyed spending more time together. 

I am a news addict and the radio is usually on constantly. The pandemic has made me step away from all of that. I tune into the 5pm briefing and that’s it. It’s made me re-evaluate what information I choose to consume. I’m not on any social media anymore and I’m a lot happier for it. 


We are spending more time than ever on screen over Zoom and Skype - do you have any quick beauty wins that you can share with us to help us look our best? 


I think if you are a regular makeup wearer then it’s probably been quite nice to take a break! I enjoy botanical products like Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, it’s a sensory experience as well as efficacious. In the UK we can spend more time outside now hopefully a little bit of a tan will perk me up a bit too. 

If you’re Zooming find a spot so you’re facing a window if you can. Natural daylight is usually more flattering. If it’s very bright eyes tend to disappear so it’s good to line your top and bottom lash and slick on some mascara. Tap some Vaseline into your cheekbones and lips and you’re ready to go. 


Can you share with us any uplifting books, podcasts, tv series that you find uplifting? 


I’m definitely a creature of habit - just finished Mad Men for the second time in two months... I love it.

I raced through all of the Mapp and Lucia books by EF Benson and have just started to re-read Maya Angelou’s biographies after hearing the end of a radio 4 dramatisation. David Sedaris is a constant companion and I listen to him virtually every day. My favourite audiobook of his is Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. It’s completely bizarre, I think of him as a good friend but of course he doesn’t know me at all. 

Have you learned anything new about yourself in lockdown?


I’d like a garden, but I’m very happy Victoria Park is only a few minutes walk away from our flat. It’s been a tonic. 


What are you looking forward to the most when we return to normality, whatever that may look like?


Looking forward to getting back to work and seeing all my chums although it might be from behind a plastic visor for while. My job is so social and I work with some fantastic people. Plus, I’m skint.


Can you sum your experience up in three words? 


Always Bloody Hungry.

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