Friends of BEGG & CO – Jordan Bunker Menswear Blogger and Freelance Writer

Friends of BEGG & CO – Jordan Bunker Menswear Blogger and Freelance Writer

I think given this strange time, it's normal to feel a little off-kilter. The first thing to help me stay positive is accepting that I probably won't be able to focus like normal and be less harsh on myself. Letting ideas manifest at a pace which feels manageable and allowing myself time to adapt to this new situation. Since social distancing, I reckon I've spoken more frequently with my friends and group video calls are now the norm.

Is there a book you’ve read, or journal article that you find uplifting?

Am I allowed to say I'm not much of a book reader? Controversial I know. I think what's uplifting is that everyone is in this together and there is a real feeling of community at the moment.

Are you working from home, if so do you have any advice to stay focused?

I'm a daily to-do list advocate, but only write down the ones that are really important. Maybe aim for three key tasks and then anything else is a bonus. I'll spare you the 'get dressed straightaway' one as you might still see me in my pyjamas at half ten. However, I do like to make the bed first thing as I get a mini sense of accomplishment from doing it.

What is your working from home attire?
Comfort is paramount for me. Working from home is my norm and usually it'll be tracksuit bottoms or very loose trousers that feel like pyjamas along with a simple t-shirt and a piece of knitwear. Cashmere and wool will be your best friends for the foreseeable. Everyone is different and if you still want to wear a suit to keep you ticking along, go for it!

Upbeat playlist recommendations?

Childish Gambino has just released a new album '3.15.20' so that's been getting an airing! If I'm editing photos, the more upbeat the better, but while I'm writing I like to listen to something more pared back, maybe somebody like Jordan Rakei.

Meditation/exercise tips?
Since football is on hold, I've resorted to running. Though we should stay indoors as much as possible and restrict our movements, going for a run a couple times a week (safely) really helps clear my mind.


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