Friends of BEGG x CO The Happy Pear

Friends of Begg x Co - The Happy Pear

"We started the happy pear as a veg shop in 2004 age 24 to try to create a happier, healthier world and build community. We have over 1 million followers across all our social channels including nearly 30 million views on our youtube channel. We have a farm, coffee roastery, studio for filming and love what we do!" 

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Local Stories - The Lido - Jim Brown

Local Stories - Jim Brown

"Originally from Alexandria but Gourock has been my home for almost 25 years." An avid swimmer Jim has been going to the Gourock pool for 25 years. Read more about his experiences and how he is coping during lockdown.

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Local Stories - The Lido - Frankie Hanson

Local Stories - Frankie Hanson

"I am a retired primary school teacher who is having a lockdown holiday away from helping to look after my beautiful 5 grandchildren." Frankie lives opposite the Gourock Yacht Club on the promenade. Frankie has also shared some incredible images of the Gourock Pool, where we shot our SS20 The Lido campaign. 

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Local Stories - The Lido - The Curries

Local Stories - David & Siobhan Currie 

An interview with two Gourock locals David and Siobhan Currie. They share their memories of the local pool and the positive influence it has had on their lives. A beautiful shoot location for our recent The Lido drop. 

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Local Stories - The Lido - Anna McIntyre

Local Stories - Anna McIntyre

Anna McIntyre shares her memories of the local open-air pool at Gourock, a valued member of the "pool posers" Anna gives insight into her life during lockdown and how much Anna is missing the pool. 

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Local Stories - The Lido - Mairi Anderson

Local Stories - Mairi Anderson

"The feel-good factor of coming out the saltwater is something that should be bottled, the health benefits are incredible too for both physical and mental well-being." Read Gourock local Mairi Anderson's memories and love for the local open-air pool which was used to shoot our SS20 campaign The Lido. 

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World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day 2020

As we welcome another World Environment Day into a year that looks a lot different than the last, we should all be thinking about what we can do, in this new way of life, to encourage the sustainable stewardship of nature. The fashion industry has a significant role to play in this, from farms and manufacturing right through to transport, retail environments and the fibres we choose to invest in. Every decision we make impacts nature and this is no different when it comes to the cashmere industry and the cashmere we choose to buy. 


Author: Lotti Blades-Barrett, sustainability expert and writer. 

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