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Nick Vinson

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Nick Vinson is the founder of Vinson&Co, a London based bureau specialising in creative direction for the luxury goods industry. Also known as Picky Nicky, he has contributed to Wallpaper* Magazine for the past 18 years and pens a monthly column entitled The Vinson View. He is also the design specialist for The Times Luxx. We asked Nick to share his top picks from our 2021 Interiors Collection, Urban Nomad.

Cashmere Blanket Dark Natural | Begg x Co
Nick's Picks Braigo

"This I would use on the sofa, its soft but still has a structure and a pleasing visible weave, I love the raw cut edge, like a piece of luxury cloth just off the loom with its short self-fringe. I would also consider carrying one with me to restaurants and cafes when they reopen in the UK on April 12th, to make outdoor dining that much more comfortable."

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Nick's Picks Balsas

"Begg x Co excel in double-faced blankets in lambswool and cashmere, this is nice and weighty, perfect for the bed, or better still fold a couple of them at either end of the sofa. I also love the blanket stitch, such a great way to finish it."

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Balsas Reversible Lambswool Cashmere Throw Oak Dark Natural | Begg x Co
Border Baby Blanket White Grey| Begg x Co
Nick's Picks Border Baby Blanket

"This is a lightweight cashmere blanket, just what you need for summer naps, when you just want enough cover to keep the breeze off (even on a hot day) perfect for naps after lunch in the garden in Florence under the tree."

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Nick's Picks Arran Baby Blanket

"When I grew up my sister and I had a welsh-double cloth blanket each and on the bed a plain wool blanket with a silk satin border, just like this. Hers was red, mine was blue, much less chic than this in light grey cashmere with the platinum border. I would have it folded over the back of chair and use it all year round."

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Silk Edged Cashmere Baby Blanket Silver | Begg x Co