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Begg x Co designs and manufactures responsible cashmere knitwear, accessories and homeware for the modern lifestyle with mills in Ayr on the west coast of Scotland and Hawick, 'The Home of Cashmere', in the Scottish Borders.  Scotland's rugged coastline, imposing mountains and cinematic skies in contrast to areas of gritty urban sprawl offers a paradox of nature and industry; a duality that perennially inspires the Begg x Co collections. 

A unique approach to colour originates from Begg x Co's desire to celebrate boldness, encourage self-expression and champion authentic living through artisanal products that make people feel good both physically and emotionally, knowing they have been ethically made. Combining age-old techniques with disruptive design and cutting-edge technology, each collection is rooted in responsible craftsmanship, ensuring the highest social and animal welfare standards are maintained as each fibre is traced from goat to garment. 

Sustainability at Begg x Co

Responsibility – to our people, product and planet – sits at the core of Begg x Co.

From certified energy management systems and maintaining animal welfare to improving supply chain standards and the proactive repurposing of waste, we are always looking to improve the impact we have on the environment and the community around us. Find out more:

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Our Sustainability Manager, Ian Whiteford, and our sustainability team make regular visits to the farms in Mongolia and China to allow us to feel confident about high standards of animal husbandry and certifies that any cashmere, angora, or wool materials have been sourced ethically, without coming into contact with any harmful chemicals.


We make strenuous efforts to ensure that people are treated fairly at every step of our supply chain. As members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, nurturing close relationships with key suppliers is something that we take very seriously. We invest heavily in our people to develop their skills. There are many opportunities for employees to get involved in developing the business and in our support for charities, locally and further afield.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance

We actively collaborate with several partners to ensure due diligence on all matters relating to the textile industry’s impact on the natural environment and work hard to minimise the inevitable risks. We follow the “Roadmap to Zero” programme to monitor and minimise our chemical footprint and to help produce safe products, cleaner water, and fresher air.