Introducing Our Comfort Blanket


As a brand & business with a loyal and ever-growing community, we have felt a responsibility to reach out and help others during this difficult time. To help you during this time, we have created ‘Our Comfort Blanket’, a space for us to share features covering everything from music to books, meditation to nature, to art and wellbeing tips.

This is a space for us and you. We encourage you to reach out to us and tell us what you are doing to stay healthy and hopeful so that we can share with our wider Begg x Co community.

Join us this month as we practice Feel Good February. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing regular reminders on our Instagram to pause & reflect, slow down and be kind to ourselves. The ever-changing news can be overwhelming and we hope, just like with our physical blankets, that you feel the warmth from ‘Our Comfort Blanket’ too.

With love,
Begg x Co.

Begg Comfort Blanket Book Club
Book Club

Begg x Co Community

We’d also love to hear from you! What does your day working from home look like? What music helps you to reset? What are your favourite uplifting books to read? What are you doing to stay healthy and positive in the current climate?

Tell us via Facebook or Instagram or email us at: [email protected]

Gratitude Journal

To help clear your mind of thoughts and worry, it can be helpful to make a short (or long) list for all that you are grateful for.
This week, we are feeling grateful for:
Mandy in our team, who is leading the way to ensure we have a clean and safe space to work Our caring colleagues who are always looking out for one another & ensuring standards at Begg x Co are always at their highest The amazing online community that surrounds Begg x Co. Why not try it yourself? What you’ll need:
1. Pen/Pencil
2. Paper
3. Willingness to give it a go!

Image of a Comfort Blanket

What we are reading

“Threads of Life is a book of stories, the stories of people across cultures and centuries who have used sewing to make their voices heard: documenting their history, declaring allegiance, asserting their identity and mourning their dead.  From WW2 prisoners of war to Mary, Queen of Scots; from WWI disabled soldiers to peace campaigners the book explores the surprising, often moving, purpose of peoples’ needlework.” - Clare Hunter, Author.

For Book Club this month, we spoke with author Clare Hunter about the release of her book, what inspires her, Mary Queen of Scots, and of course, how accessories feature in her wardrobe.

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Good News

We have put together a list of positive spaces to fetch news from and take you away from the current negativity surrounding social media and the news.

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Relish in the majesty of nature. This section focuses on the beauty around us and how people engage, work and get inspired by nature.

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Artist's Corner

Recently, one of our friends sent us a wonderful piece of art that she found inspiring during this time, and we loved the idea of using art as a form of escapism. So we decided to create a space dedicated to art. Here we will share some downloadable prints of our designs that you can colour at home, as well as sharing some Q&A's with some of the industry's finest Artists.

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Film Club

A selection of must-see and favourite movies from our friends at Begg x Co, to help provide a little escapism this season.

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Comfort in the Ayr

We know that music can lift our moods in many ways. Tune in and listen to our Comfort in the Ayr playlist here.

Comfort in the Ayr.

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