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Why Gift Cashmere?

Why Gift Cashmere?


When it comes to Christmas, there are three factors that come into play when I’m buying gifts. The first is thought – for me this is about the craftsmanship behind the item. Is it handcrafted? Locally-made? Is it beautiful/useful? The second is sustainability. What is it made from? Who made it? How sustainable are the production practises of the brand behind it? And finally… longevity. Is this item good quality? Is it evergreen? Will it last a long time?


I like to ask myself these questions because the festive season encourages over consumption, throwaway design and frivolous spending. There’s no denying that treating the ones you love over Christmas is endlessly fun, but I believe we can do it in a way that is kind to the planet, that supports our favourite businesses and celebrates craftsmanship.


A Timeless Gift


Done right, cashmere can do just this. Not only is cashmere timeless and effortlessly elegant, it is the antithesis of throwaway fashion, promoting authentic craftsmanship, evergreen style and unrivalled quality. Nothing is quite as luxurious as pulling on a cashmere jumper, or snuggling down under a thick cashmere blanket and what better way to treat the ones you love than with a little piece of luxury to get them through the everyday of chilly winters?



While cashmere is the perfect Christmas gift, it’s important to make sure that the cashmere you buy is responsibly made and sustainable. Over the years, cashmere has come under fire with respect to several key environmental and animal welfare issues – this is due to over consumption, which is contradictory to the overall nature of cashmere’s heritage. Cashmere should be treasured, with those who buy it expecting to pay more for beautiful quality and responsible production practices. To ensure that the cashmere you’re buying does just this, be sure to shop with brands (like Begg x Co!) that are members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), who work tirelessly to support the regeneration of wildlands, the wellbeing of cashmere herders and the safety of their goats. 


Find out more about the SFA >




Another wonderful side to cashmere is that it’s a celebration of the UK’s unrivalled textile heritage, especially in Scotland. When choosing pieces from brands like Begg x Co, not only are you choosing to invest in beautiful design and improved sustainability, you’re also choosing to pay tribute to over a century of crafting traditions, authenticity and passion. More now than ever before, it is important for us to support local business by choosing to spend our time and money with those who support local communities, economies, slow production and progress. 


Whatever you choose to invest in this festive season, cashmere at its core is natural, beautifully-crafted and will never fail to bring a smile to the faces you gift it to.