Local Stories - The Lido - Mairi Anderson

I have recently turned 60 and have been going to Gourock pool since I was a teenager. I am a mum of 3 amazing kids and a beautiful granddaughter, who have all been to Gourock pool with me on many occasions. Summer holidays were all about the pool swimming, sunbathing and picnics there on the patio with friends .

I have been stuck in the house since February 24th as I had a viral illness not tested so do not know if it was Coronavirus or not but was not allowed to return to work as I fall into underlying conditions category so you may say have suffered slightly from Groundhog Day. As of today I have taken receipt of a PC from my work to enable me to work from home so my time in the garden will now be somewhat curtailed.

The weather has been great and it is such a pity the pool is not open as it would be amazing just now. The feel good factor of coming out the salt water is something that should be bottled, the health benefits are incredible too for both physical and mental well-being. The friendly atmosphere adds to this as well we have our regulars who have become close friends and we socialise frequently during both summer and winter attending The Spinnakers quiz nights of the Cafe to name a couple. A bunch of us travelled to Stonehaven for a weekend and went to their open air pool which I may say is not a patch on ours we have also traveled to New Cumnock to their open air pool too but it is not salt water so it doesn't hit the spot either.

The staff at Gourock are all so friendly and on occasion join in on our nights out which makes for a good night.

We have attended parties at the pool which all are great fun, midnight swims too.

I cannot emphasize how strongly I feel about the pool and it's views truly are breath taking!

I have jumped from the top board but not for a good few years...but maybe will when it next opens.

Hope you are well stay safe

Love Mairi

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