Local Stories - The Lido - Frankie Hanson

How are you feeling today?

Feeling fine after 5 weeks of sunshine during this weird time. First rainy day in so long and all the gardens are getting a good watering.

What are you doing to stay positive in this current climate?

I am a bit hyper anyway so I have been doing tons of gardening, sewing, baking, doing illustrations for a children's book I have written and every day I go for a cycle ride.

How long have you been going to the Gourock Pool?

All my life basically.

Do you have any specific memories or stories about it?

There are so many wonderful memories. I have sent you pics of when they used to do a "Gourock's got talent" opening days. I was roped in to be Sharen Osbourne. It was a good laugh with some very entertaining performances. There was and still is great excitement when the pool opens for the season.

What makes the pool so special to you?

Where to begin. I absolutely love the outdoors, I am an experienced kayaker and love cycling and hill walking too but swimming in the Gourock pool is an absolute joy for me. No matter what kind of day it is, it is glorious to be able to see the sky and the hills. To feel the wind and sun on you and to be in the warm salty water. Some of the best days are when there is a gale-force wind, whipping up waves and belting stinging rain into your face. Very invigorating.

What kind of swimmer are you?

I like to swim a mile front crawl when I go swimming, normally takes 45 mins. I should admit that I am slowing down a bit. I swim at least 5 times a week. I use the Waterfront in winter but Gourock pool is definitely my all-time favourite.

Have you ever been brave enough to jump from the top dale?

Yes, I make my self jump off it early in the season so that I get over the "fear". If I am at the pool with grandchildren we all jump off it. Brilliant fun.

Will you be sad to miss the Gourock Pool this season?

Devastated not to be swimming in the pool, it is something I look forward to all winter. When "lockdown" is eased off I might even consider swimming in the Clyde

We recently captured our SS20 campaign in Gourock, Inverkip & Largs – what do you find is so special about this part of the world?

We are privileged to live in such a beautiful place.I have lived in other beautiful places like the Highlands and the Himalayas for large parts of my life but nothing compares to here,the sunsets are incredible with the wonderful backdrop of the hills and water. You can easily get to a big city for all that is offers but more magically you can quickly be in places like Pucks glen or Cumbrae or Lunderston Bay or Gourock prom. Great place especially if we get some decent weather.

All the very best, Frankie.

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