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Simon Schmidt

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German-born and London-based Photographer, Art Director and Digital Media Consultant, Simon Schmidt, crafts stories that coherently explore the concept of movement. Simon places human form at the heart of his creative, drawing on his former background as a dancer. His work is driven by inherent curiosity and appreciation for the relationship between human and object. Always seeking to collaborate with brands in an unconventional way, Simon’s ultimate ambition is to revolutionise how the younger generation is consuming and communicating on the internet.

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Simon's Inspiration

When it comes to both my work and personal life, I rely on the everyday 'outside' world to inspire me 'inside' my space of creation. It's a huge privilege to be working in storytelling, as one of the main parts of the job involves finding inspiration or stimulation regularly - curiosity being a major ingredient. As a self-taught visual artist using photography and design to express myself, over the years, I've come to understand that a holistic education can sometimes narrow your creative vision. The lack of a conventional education truly helped to grow and expand “own way of inspiration” without the constraint of a thinking 'box'.

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"What's so great about nature and the outside world is that you don't have to look for, or even find, a purpose in it. In this fast-paced digital world where everything is connected to an ulterior motive, I personally believe that the greatest resource is to go out and see the world without an objective. The beauty of life around you and how they are in relationship with each other is already material enough for an inspiration for creativity... it's right in front of you! To understand the components of image making it's paramount to study how things are the way they are in their authentic beauty. In the end, it’s a simple matter of looking at things with fresh eyes."

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"We shot these photos in Hollow Ponds, a place I haven’t been before in London. We got there at the most beautiful time of the day - sunset, and it didn’t even feel like work. It felt like we'd discovered something entirely new and we were there to capture a wonderful new sense of freedom and imagination. The moment I saw the tree I decided that I had to climb it. That very moment I lived this quote: "The ability to make the purpose of an image secondary, and the instinctual present of it primary.""

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Simon's Styling Tips

"Start with the most simple ingredient (like the knit for example) and layer around it. I sometimes lay it on my bed and then pair the remaining parts to it in order see if it looks nice together. In true Begg X Co signature, I would add a little neckerchief at the very last thing before leaving the house. It adds a very chic aspect to a look!"

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"Color block opposite ends! When adding a scarf, try to think of the contrary spectrum of color to make each color pop more and enhance the other."

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"My third styling tip would probably a tip I’d generally want to reiterate when it comes to buying or wearing fashion. Invest in quality and long-term pieces that will last the test of time and do think about how one purchase might defeat any other impulsive buys in the future! It is almost a little bit like real estate. Cashmere is one of those wonderful materials in our world that do not harm the environment too much if we would just take better care of it. Ditch the drier for cashmere, hand-wash and let it air out in nature - a much more conscious way to treat your clothes which will also make you develop a deeper relationship with and better respect for the garment and the work that goes behind it. It is a material that can last for the duration of an entire life or even being passed down to younger generation. Therefore it is important to first of all start with the right quality product and then take care of it like it you would pass it down to the next one."

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A quote that really inspired me: “A free spirit takes liberties even with liberty itself” - Francis Picabia

Simon wears the Classic Crew in Blue Sky, the Oscar Crew in Granite, the Scapa Crew in Dark Ink Multi and the Wispy Superfine Cashmere Square in Snow.

Discover more of Simon's work at Own Way of Inspiration.


Art Direction - Simon Schmidt
Photography - Anastasia Ego