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Carol Montpart

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Carol Montpart is a Creative Director living in London and her work spans publication, campaign, brand identity, environmental and digital. Carol's work is deeply rooted in strong conceptual thinking working across the fields of art, culture and fashion. The studio has worked with international names such as Hermès, Frieze Art Fair, Lemaire, LVMH, Winkreative and Claire de Rouen Books among others. Carol is also a co-founder of The Plant magazine and works on the creative direction of the widely acclaimed publication.

We asked Carol to share her top picks from our 2021 Interiors Collection, Urban Nomad.

Border Baby Blanket White Grey| Begg x Co
Carol's Picks Jura Patchwork

"Having the perfect blanket for outdoors has always been important for me. Whether it’s to lie down in the park with a book or share with friends while gathering for a glass. I really like the up cycling approach using blankets from the Begg x Co archive. I also believe collaboration is the greatest way to achieve interesting and surprising results so the fact that this blanket has been created in tandem with Angela Bell just makes it even better. I might be a romantic but patchwork and the unique crafted finish reminds of stories that had been told between friends sitting on that blanket."

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Carol's Picks Jura Plain Throw

"This can be used as an oversized scarf or light blanket. Either is perfect! And with a lively palette of 25 colours to choose from you can easily pick the right one as a gift for friends and family. Happiness guaranteed."

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Silk Edged Cashmere Baby Blanket Silver | Begg x Co
Cashmere Blanket Dark Natural | Begg x Co
Carol's Picks Jura Tartan

"My first trip to Edinburgh was a year after I moved to London, we took a train to meet family who live there. I remember it being so cold and discovering the old town, warming up in cafes and little shops. Edinburgh is where I bought my first ever red tartan scarf. I know it’s such a cliche but being Spanish and having only lived in the UK for a short time it felt exotic. I wore it all the time but at some point a few years later I lost it and never replaced it. Seeing this Jura Tartan throw by Begg x Co allows me to relive these happy memories."

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Carol's Picks Balsas Dexter

"There are not that many bright colours in my home or wardrobe. When it comes to picking colours I generally keep it simple and choose go with pale, black, white or neutral tones and textures. But I always envy people wearing bright colours in the street or going to someones home and finding an explosion of colour here and there. This cashmere blanket seems the perfect balance; colourful but gentle at the same time. I would love to have it nearby, on the couch or on a chair for those colder days with a cup of tea in hand."

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Balsas Reversible Lambswool Cashmere Throw Oak Dark Natural | Begg x Co
Border Baby Blanket White Grey| Begg x Co
Carol's Picks Large Arran Plain

"We have an off white linen blanket on our white duvet. Now that winter is here, I would love to see this cashmere throw replace it. I am a big fan of the tone on tone colour combinations, especially when there’s also a contrast of textures. There’s nothing better than wrapping up yourself in a cashmere throw first thing on a chilly morning."

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