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Day 8 - Shop Considered

12 Days of Begg x Co

Where possible, we encourage you to gift in a way that is kind to our planet and celebrates craftsmanship this festive season.

At Begg x Co, all of our materials are ethically sourced. Every scarf, beanie, sweater and comfort blanket is given the care and attention it deserves, and we take our time to make sure the end product is the very best it can be.

We caught up with our sustainability expert, Lotti, who explains why cashmere is an ethical choice when gifting our loved ones:

12 Days of Begg x Co Shop Considered

"Not only is cashmere timeless and effortlessly elegant, it is the antithesis of throwaway fashion, promoting authentic craftsmanship, evergreen style and unrivalled quality."

12 Days of Begg x Co Shop Considered

“Cashmere should be treasured, with those who buy it expecting to pay more for beautiful quality and responsible production practices. To ensure that the cashmere you’re buying does just this, be sure to shop with brands that are members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), who work tirelessly to support the regeneration of wildlands, the wellbeing of cashmere herders and the safety of their goats.”

Discover Sustainability at Begg x Co
12 Days of Begg x Co Shop Considered

“When choosing pieces from brands like Begg x Co, not only are you choosing to invest in beautiful design and improved sustainability, you’re also choosing to pay tribute to over a century of crafting traditions, authenticity and passion.”

Read Lotti’s newest journal entry, “Why Gift Cashmere?”

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12 Days of Begg x Co
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