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Day 4 - Mindfulness

12 Days of Begg x Co

The COVID restrictions have taken a toll on the mental health of many. We want you to know that, at Begg x Co, we are here for you. To help support you through this time of crisis, we have compiled some helpful advice and meditation tips for you to read at any time. It’s our little way of helping you to find some headspace.

12 Days of Begg x Co Amiko Cards

Amiko Cards by Little Challenges feature 52 simple, evidence-based ideas that can help boost physical and mental wellbeing. They’re a friendly reminder of the helpful things we know but can often forget. To use the cards, look at the deck and ask, what can I do right now? When you find an idea that feels good, do it – in whatever way works for you.

12 Days of Begg x Co Mindfulness

We can practise mindfulness by creating some headspace and enjoying the benefits of meditating daily. Discover our mindfulness tips and some fresh ideas sent in from our friends on our Comfort Blanket.

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12 Days of Begg x Co
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