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Day 12 - Gratitude

12 Days of Begg x Co

As our lives have slowed down in these last strange and difficult months, so we have taken stock of what is truly important. To help clear your mind of thoughts and worry, it can be helpful to make a short (or long) list for all that you are grateful for. We are extremely grateful for our incredible Begg x Co community.


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12 Days of Begg x Co Gratitude

Why not try it yourself? What you’ll need:
1. Pen/Pencil
2. Paper
3. Willingness to give it a go!

12 Days of Begg x Co Helen Customer Service Manager

I am grateful for family and friends especially at this time of year, it means a lot to have people you can turn to in these difficult times. I wish to mention my colleagues at work although everyone is extremely busy at the moment each and every person I meet always makes time to say hello and have a quick chat I always walk away from them with a smile on my face.

12 Days of Begg x Co Ailis - Designer

I am grateful for our home this Christmas in Glasgow. I look forward to a wander on Christmas Eve to see all the lights. The tenements look like little gingerbread houses all decorated and cosy.

12 Days of Begg x Co Gratitude

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