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Working From Home Tips Lorraine Acornley Creative Director

Working From Home Tips - Lorraine Acornley, Creative Director



Q1. How are you feeling?

Thankful that I can work from home and that my family are well at the moment.

But get cross that some people are not taking the advice from the government and not staying at home. The sooner we all comply the sooner we get back to “normal” whatever normal will be.. and the better chance our NHS will have to cope. I feel anxious at times but hopeful that we can overcome this.

Q2. What tips do you have for people that don't work from home?

I work from home regularly,  I think my top tips would be;


Get up as you usually would if you were going to work, I get up before my one else and savour half an hour on my own having a cup of tea, popping a washing on and emptying the dishwasher ready for breakfast busyness.

Then the radio goes on.. usually Radio 2. Eat breakfast, shower, hair washed, makeup on and get “dressed” for work. ( I can’t work in loungewear)

Tidy the breakfast dishes away - (I also can’t work if the kitchen is a mess!)

And now take the dog for a walk...clears my head and I start to plan my day.

I like to be back at my desk by 9 am.

LUNCH- make sure you stop for lunch.. eat lunch, enjoy preparing it and eat it at the kitchen table- not at your desk... it’s good to have a change of scenery.

I like to have specific areas of the house for work and areas for home.

Take a break and walk around the garden if the sun is out... 

I don’t have the TV or Radio on during work- I switch to that I’m not distracted by the news.

Q3. What music do you listen to?

I like to listen to chilled out stuff...Cinematic Orchestra, Giles Peterson, Bon Iver, and Spotify playlists.

Q4. Best way to stay positive?

BLETHER-Keep in touch with friends that make you laugh.

GET OUTSIDE- breath in the fresh air, listen to the birds, Be thankful for the small things.. the garden, the dog, my family, the sunshine, our health, and knowing that this will uncertain time will pass.

READ MORE- make time to read a book. 

I have so many books to read, I’m quite looking forward to having the time to read.

LIGHT A CANDLE- I always light a scented candle when I work. 

SET THE TABLE- one of the things I do is set the dinner table every night with napkins, flowers from the garden and I light my table candles, creating a sense of atmosphere that differs to my daytime. I switch on my garden lights and might pour a glass of wine whilst I cook dinner.

MAKE SOUP- I make soup in a crisis. I think it’s a Scottish thing.

My current favourite is a John Pawson recipe for Leek and Potato soup with plenty of white wine and butter and black pepper...Such a simple recipe but so good.

We’re in this together if you remove the “I” from illness and replace it with a “we” you get wellness. 

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