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Working From Home Tips

Discover a variety of useful insights and personal experiences working from home.

Friend Lorraine Acornley

Today we interviewed our Creative Director here at Begg & Co, Lorraine Acornley. We discussed everything working at home related from scottish soup-making habits to Bon Iver. It was amazing to get an insight into Lorraine's daily work habits.

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Friend Guy Marshall

We interviewed our friend Guy Marshall Art Director and owner of Studio Small to discuss his tips for working from home including what music he is listening to.

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Friend Lorna Dempsey

‘Working from home today, managing the production team from afar, I’m watching the wagtails, the woodpeckers, and wee robins, with the sun beating in, a lovely day. I’m sure not all wfh days will be the same! Remember to enjoy a breath of fresh air every couple of hours and a wander round your garden’

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Friend Beth Forson

‘My working from home space is “tight” as I am sharing the dining room table with my husband….we now call it the office and we pack up and leave it at “home” time. I would like to say we are taking turns making tea and coffee for each other but I think he has taken the role of CEO in “the office” and me the secretary! Although we do have an imaginary co-worker called Carole……she is annoying, keeps playing music and leaving cups in the kitchen instead of the dishwasher……telling you if I catch her she will be out the door!’

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