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Comfort Blanket

Join us as we focus on the beauty around us and how people engage, work and get inspired by nature. We ask our team to take us on their Winter Wanders – showing us the beauty in the places they live on their daily walk, run or cycle. Discover entries from us and our Friends of Begg x Co as we relish in the majesty of nature.
A Postcard from Scotland Our Guide to a UK Staycation

Inspired by our Wispy Viewfield illustrated map design, we’re taking you on a trip around Scotland with a list of some of our favourite staycation spots in the UK. From an off-grid eco-lodge in the Scottish Borders, to a wilderness retreat complete with home comforts, these are the spots we go to rest and recharge.

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Optimising Garden Wildlife Xanthe Gladstone

“For those of us who are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden, it’s really important to utilise this opportunity not only to our own advantage - through our ability to produce incredible food for ourselves - but also to do our part to benefit the local environment. One of the areas that we can give back in is our opportunity to help the local wildlife.” Read Xanthe’s take on optimising garden wildlife.

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Sustainable City Life Xanthe Gladstone

“The important thing to remember when we are talking about living more sustainably is that it’s way more effective if we all do a couple of small things everyday to live more sustainably rather than just a handful of us doing everything and punishing ourselves if we are not perfect.” Read Xanthe’s tips for living more sustainably in the city.

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Growing a Mini Garden Xanthe Gladstone

“I personally feel that it’s a myth that we need a garden to grow our own produce. There is really so much that we can do with a small indoor space to still provide fresh, delicious food for ourselves. All you need is a light and reasonably warm space, good quality compost, seeds, and something to plant them in.” Read Xanthe’s guide to growing a mini indoor garden now.

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Gardening Guide Xanthe Gladstone

“Spring is undoubtedly the most important time in a vegetable gardener’s year and it’s also the most challenging because there’s just so much to fit in. I want to get as ready as I can for that time and also set myself up for my most successful vegetable growing year yet.” Read Xanthe’s Top 5 tips to getting your garden ready for Spring.

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Gentle January Stargazing

Did you know January is the best month to go stargazing? Set your alarm and grab a flask of tea to sit in the garden. A hot water bottle and a big blanket should do the trick to keep you snug as you gaze. Follow the link to read Forbes Stargazing Guide to January 2021.

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Winter Wanders Joe - Design

“I have taken to walking around the city most weekends, especially by the Clyde and the Kelvin.”

Winter Wanders Ailis - Design

“A Winter Wander exploring Glasgow’s Southside.”

Winter Wanders Lorraine - Creative Director

“Weekend wanders around The Grove estate, Hertfordshire.”

Winter Wanders Alice - Sales Exec

“My usual walk is Regents Park/Primrose Hill, which is about 15 minutes walk from my flat.”

Winter Wanders Ian - CEO

“A walk around Neilston and the frozen lochs.”

Image of Neilston and the frozen lochs
Image of Troon beach
Winter Wanders Michelle - HR Advisor

“Troon beach. From the beach you can see the beautiful Isle of Arran, covered in a blanket of snow.”

Winter Wanders Lynne - Finance

“Pictures from my wanders around my hometown of Mauchline”.

Photograph of Mauchline, Scotland in winter
Photo of Caprington Estate, Kilmarnock in winter
Winter Wanders Coral - Design Manager

“I took this on Sunday at the Caprington Estate, Kilmarnock. I do this walk every week as a pram walk or a run as It’s the perfect 5k route from my house. It’s beautiful to see it like this.”

Happy Earth Day! Sustainability

We are wholeheartedly committed to making improvements in our sustainable practices in any way that we can. We strive to have a minimum impact on our environment, not just today, but every day.

Sustainability and Quality are two of our key values at Begg x Co, and they are both at the forefront of our minds when making decisions for our business. From certified energy management systems to maintaining animal welfare and supply chain standards, and the creation and disposal of our waste (of which zero goes to landfill) - we are always looking to improve any impact we have on the environment. Our dedicated sustainability team work hard to ensure due diligence on all matters relating to our industry. The craftsmanship and innovative techniques that we use here at Begg x Co allow us to create products that can be loved for a lifetime.

Sustainability at Begg & Co