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Gratitude Journal

To help clear your mind of thoughts and worry, it can be helpful to make a short (or long) list for all that you are grateful for. It’s easy to take part in this yourself. What you’ll need:

1. Pen/Pencil

2. Paper

3. Willingness to give it a go!

Barbra Birnie HR Manager

"I am grateful every day for my two beautiful boys who make me laugh, smile and remember what it is to be a child again when the world can seem so busy and distracting.
I am grateful for the wonderful job I have and the amazingly talented team at Alex Begg that I get to work with every day. We talk about the team being like family and I feel cared for, challenged and supported every day.
I am grateful for my new trainers that I know will see me through a winter of running in the rain and mud and hopefully help me beat my 10km PB."

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Cameron Colman Wet Finishing

"I’m thankful for my family. One of my sisters just got married yesterday and another of my sisters had a baby this year."

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Colin McColm Knotter

"I am thankful for my family. I am also thankful that we still have our health, especially with all that’s going on this year."

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Lorna Dempsey Production Manager

"I am so grateful for my amazing team in production who have pulled together this year and been so hard working and open to new challenges. Well done and Thank you."

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Ailis Dewar Designer

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. ‘keeping in touch’. I’ve been in touch with friends and family that I maybe haven’t spoken with in ages – it’s great to catch up and feel close.
2. I am grateful for ‘music/broadcasts/podcasts’. I’ve found I’ve enjoyed listening to the ‘Isolation Tapes’ by BBC5Live’s Elis and John who bring light relief to a surreal time.
3. I’m grateful to be seeing the lighter evenings, and that everything is turning that bit ‘greener’ outside – Graeme and I had our wedding at this time of year – these things are always a happy reminder."

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Coral Dalgleish Design Manager

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. My beautiful 5-month-old daughter River. Seeing her smiling face every morning when I look into her cot is pure joy
2. My postnatal yoga class going to live video chat. Keeping a small part of my weekly routine going
3. My mum and everyone else who is part of the NHS and all that they are doing."

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Holly Brown Design & Sales Executive

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. My Sonos speaker to keep me entertained while I’m working at home
2. Facetime to keep in touch with friends and family I can’t visit right now
3. That my loved ones are all well"

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Olivia Johnson International Sales Manager

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. The jar of mini eggs on my desk
2. Watching my littlest ride a bike by herself for the first time yesterday
3. My street and the amazing solidarity they have shown in the last week"

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Helen McGill Customer Service Manager

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. I am grateful for having the ability to work at home and also for having to come out of my comfort zone and learn how to utilise new technology
2. Especially grateful for “Zoom” which allows us to keep in touch visually & helps make me feel less isolated
3. I am also grateful for working with such lovely colleagues who we can keep in touch with in so many different ways, it is amazing."

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Sarah Marshall Textile Technologist

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. Charlie, who thankfully hasn’t a clue what is going on and is making me laugh constantly with his energetic, fun and wild spirit. Let’s see how long that lasts eh?
2. My local community who have come together to drop notes through every single door in my town offering to dog walk, pick up supplies, have a friendly chat with someone who is isolated etc. I put notes out on Sunday and have already had two elderly people phone to say thank you, another to ask how they can help us and a couple this morning who desperately needed shopping so someone in the group got them what they needed!
3. The memes. Holy moly, the memes that are coming out of this right now are amazing. Whenever you’re feeling slightly down or worried, up one pops to make you snort your tea. Got to love the British sense of humour in times like these."

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Marija Spencer International Sales Manager

"During this time, I am truly grateful for:
1. For my nanny
2. For the sunshine that’s cheering people up in these uncertain times
3. For red wine of course"

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