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Art - John Booth – Artist


Born in Scotland in 1984 and raised in Cumbria, John Booth moved to London in 2004, where he graduated with a BA in fashion print design at Central Saint Martins in 2009. Booth has worked for several fashion brands including Zandra Rhodes, John Galliano, Ashish, Christopher Shannon, Globetrotter, FENDI and Begg xCo. See our collab here

What are you doing to stay positive and hopeful during this time?   

It's quite hard, but I'm trying to remain as positive as possible, and for once, not thinking too far ahead into the future, as I think that makes me panic unnecessarily. I'm continuing to think about and plan creative work, and have still been sketching and painting, as well and sleeping a lot, eating nice stuff, exercise and listening to lots of good music, current faves; Cocteau twins, planning to rock and Roisin Murphy

People are getting creative with their means of communication, how are you staying in contact with people? Any virtual pub or quiz nights? 

Nothing too fancy, I'm a bit of a technophobe so I can just about handle facetime with one friend at a time

If you could select a piece of art that reflects isolation, what would it be and why?  

Sommeil Hollywoodien, by Jean Cocteau, 1953. I love Jean's work anyway, and even though this piece is very far from his recognisable style, I just love it because it represents peace, calm, safety and protection. It's beautiful.

Any great self-iso tips you can share with us? Recipes, dress code, advice?

wear what you want, eat what you want and do stuff you like doing! Don't let yourself spiral into negative thoughts.

An amazing mural John painted during quarantine.

Artist's Corner