For our SS21 collection, ‘Metamorphosis’, our designers explored the idea of change and transition – from dark to bright, heavy to light, from tiny weave structure details to blown up tartans. The transition from Winter to Spring and our optimism for the coming season. We draw inspiration from our domestic landscapes - picnics on the beach, the waves of the North Sea, industrious boat yards and road trips through the highlands.

Captured in May in a remote farmhouse location by Robbie Lawrence and styled by Stuart Williamson, the Lockdown Shoot is Grey Gardens meets The Farm by Jackie Nickerson.

Every piece is imagined and realised with meticulous care, dedication and love. A sustainable, luxury collection of textile treasures.

‘When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece’. – John Ruskin.

In a climate of change we adapt and respond, reset, re-evaluate and recalibrate. We move towards what we know, what gives us comfort. Weaving is our rhythm, colour is our heartbeat.

We study the transition from day to night, light to dark, line and brushstroke, craft and the human hand is at the heart of our collection. The papillon adapts and changes...we seek answers from the natural world.

Metamorphosis is split into 4 colour stories, each inspired by the intricacies and delicate patterns of moths and butterflies.

Discover our SS21 drops below.

SS21 Moth

Moth presents a sophisticated colour palette inspired by the delicate patterns of the moth. Featuring shades of bitter chocolate, sandstone, rust and powdered gold.

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Luxury Cashmere Knitwear and Lightweight Accessories | Begg x Co
Luxury Cashmere Knitwear and Lightweight Accessories | Begg x Co
SS21 Common Blue

Blue skies, fresh air and hazy days, Common Blue represents the beauty in our own back garden. Re-explore your home, listen to the bird song, appreciate your surroundings. Inspired by the North Sea, yachts and out-door swimming, featuring shades of powder blue, industrial greys and Klein. Captured in The Allotment by Robbie Lawrence.

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SS21 Admiral

Captured in The Garden by Robbie Lawrence, the Admiral drop is a nod towards exquisite detailing, cramming, fringing and ribbon stripes. Featuring inky blues, with pops of red currant, and accents of tartan. Our designers explored bandanas, lounge wraps, travel blankets and scarves, creating the ultimate day to night lifestyle products.

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Luxury Cashmere Knitwear and Lightweight Accessories | Begg x Co
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