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Originally from the Netherlands, Sophia is a fashion and portrait photographer working between London and New York. Her intimate aesthetic is defined by her use of film and natural light. She works on editorial and commercial projects with brands and creatives. 
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Are you working from home, and if so, do you have any advice to stay focused? 

Yes, I recently started working in-house for a brand alongside freelance projects and feel lucky to still be working. I created space at home and am shooting still life with sunlight - my favourite light to shoot. Listening to music and trying to implement a morning routine has been helpful. And coffee. 

How are you staying connected with those around you?

Video calls mostly and walks with friends at a safe distance. We have also been exchanging recipes.  

What are you personally doing to stay positive in this current climate? 

Keeping busy and focused, whether it's with yoga, watching films or visual research. I’m not reading the news very often and seeing if there is anything I can do to help locally, there are a few good initiatives in my neighborhood. 

Sophia Aerts Photographer

Do you have any uplifting book/music/podcast recommendations that you can share with us?

I've been listening to NTS a lot. Some of my favourite shows on there are In Focus, The Numero Group, Carolina Soul and Bumpin' on Sunset and my friends Lewsburg released their new album 'In this House' last month, so that's been on repeat. 

Have you been able to use this time to expand your creativity, and if so, how?

Working by myself and with lots of restrictions has forced me to think of new ways to set up shoots and create images. I've also been reading/looking through my art and photography books and have been going though my archive. 

Sophia Aerts Photographer
Sophia Aerts Fashion Photographer

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