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How is life in London at the moment?
Much slower than usual! It feels like life went down to battery saving mode, reduced to the essentials, such as daily exercise, reading, gardening, cooking... all the things that kept me usually busy such as galleries, concerts, restaurants, bars have been taken away. But I'm seeing the positive side of this, our garden has never looked so good and my cooking skills are improving daily.
What are you doing to stay positive in this current climate?
I start the day positively by preparing a nice breakfast and reading a book with a cup of coffee — something I usually didn't have the time for. If anyone I live with has a bit of a low moment we tend to cheer each other up by group hugs (this really helps!) or a dance in the garden (keeps the neighbours entertained, too)
Lena Studio Small Friend of Begg x Co
Have you learned anything about yourself during lockdown?
That I need to slow down and take more time for myself. Sometimes we're so drawn into the buzz of the city and the need to take part in everything London has to offer, that we forget to what we actually need, a bit of down time to think and reflect.
Any book recommendations?
Notes to Self by Emilie Pine. I read this book in 2 days, it's a collection of personal essays which are very relatable and make you feel better about yourself. Also The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates, it’s a more serious but beautifully written story.
The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Do you have any working from home tips you can share with us?
A good routine — sticking to specific working hours and your usual lunch break helps. I still get ready every morning and dress properly for work — as we are now working in our living room this is a way for me to separate work life and personal life. It also helps to chat to my team as much as possible, we do a weekly Friday virtual pub catch up, it’s nice to see the StudioSmall team altogether, even if it's on screen.
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