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Friends of BEGG & CO Photographer Ronan McKenzie

Friends of BEGG & CO - Ronan McKenzie - Photographer

Ronan Mckenzie is a photographer and director whose practice is notable for it's sensitivity to honest, relatable emotion and the celebration of individuality. Ronan has worked with brands including Glossier, Nike and Universal Standard, and publications including Luncheon, Magazine Magazine and Garage. Her work as recently been displayed at Aperture Foundation New York, Somerset House London, The National Theatre London, and within I'M HOME, which she created and curated, featuring four black British female photographers and aimed to create a truly accessible art space. Ronan is currently working on a number of projects across mediums including a narrative short film piece. 


What are you doing to stay positive in this current climate?       

I remembering to be grateful every day for what I have and the freedoms and privileges I have even at this time. I'm enjoying the sun shining through my windows and getting stuck into books and things I've been wanting to but have always put behind work. Now that I have zero work - which is of course worrying - I have the time to pick up my paints or knitting and have a play. I know this situation can't go on forever, and I'm enjoying the downtime while it's forced upon us keeps me positive.        

Is there a book you’ve read, or journal article that you find uplifting?

It's not a book or a journal article, and I guess we probably shouldn't laugh but all the memes on Instagram are hilarious right now.        

Upbeat playlist recommendations?

We normally have NTS on; the Charlie Bones breakfast show is still going and my partner and I enjoy that in the mornings. I also at the moment can't stop listening to Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Curtis Mayfield, and have spent the last few days doing my morning stretch to Something's Coming from West Side Story haha.  

Meditation/exercise tips?

I really want to improve my flexibility and have been slacking, so now is the perfect time to take some time each morning to stretch my body out, I always feel ready for the day afterwards. I also use Nike Training Club or Youtube videos for a quick burst of HIIT, and I have a set of weights that allow me to continue strength training from the comfort of my living room.


Follow Ronan McKenzie on Instagram - @ronanksm