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I'm Susie Purvis, a UX designer and illustrator living in London. When I'm not designing I love to draw people, especially women of all different shapes, sizes and colours. I'm interested in diversity and equality and try to incorporate these themes into my work as much as possible.

Are you working from home, and if so, do you have any advice to stay focused?
I am! For me it's always about making a list (I know, so rock and roll). My day job is as a UX designer and we have a team call every morning where we fill each other in on what we're going to be working on that day. I use that as the framework for my to-do list and work my way through it. (It also helps that my colleagues know what I'm supposed to be doing and can hold me accountable.)
What have you been doing personally to stay positive in this current climate?
Getting outdoors whenever I can. Recently I've been going out for a little walk before work in the mornings, even if it's just 15 minutes listening to the radio or a podcast. I find it clears my head and really wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.

Also reading the news less! I used to read it religiously every morning and it only ever made me more anxious. At a time when the news is so bleak, breaking that habit has been really freeing.

Do you have any uplifting book/music/podcast/article recommendations that you can share with us?
A book I read this year and loved was 'Where the Crawdads Sing', it provides a great bit of escapism. It's a really beautiful story about living in nature woven with a murder mystery plot, so best of both worlds really.
In terms of podcasts, I listen to Desert Island Discs a lot. I've never been great at science or maths so (naturally) I love listening to famous physicists and scientists talk about their work. Poet John Cooper Clarke is another favourite of mine from the series, everything he says is so poetic and melodic, it's a great listen.
Have you been able to expand your creativity this year, and if so, how?
I'm not sure if I would say that my creativity has expanded, but I've found having to communicate virtually so much has helped to boost my confidence, especially when I've been running workshops or holding virtual sessions over video call - something that I would have been really nervous to do before.
What is your WFH attire?
I always make an effort to get dressed and put a bit of makeup on (partially for the benefit of my colleagues because I'm on calls a lot), but mainly because I don't feel like myself if I don't. My brain doesn't really kick into gear unless I feel like I'm dressed for the day.

Meditation/exercise tips?
During the first lockdown I found I was having trouble getting to sleep, what with work now being in the dining room and from doing much less physical activity. I downloaded the app Calm and really love it, the sleep stories are brilliant if you're finding it hard to switch off from the day. 
What's your go-to Winter recipe?
Ooh got to be something with sweet potatoes - food for the soul. I love them baked with loads of butter and drizzled with tahini (who do I think I am?)
You can check out Susie's work on her website here
Follow Susie on Instagram: @susiepurvisdraws

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