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Originally established in the Scottish town of Paisley, Begg x Co have been at the forefront of weaving technology since 1866, when founder Alex Begg started producing woollen shawls with a small team of trusted local weavers. Paisley had become a focal point for the progressive weaving community during Victorian times, and was synonymous with the iconic teardrop pattern used by Begg x Co to create some of the earliest surviving paisley shawls. Only two examples remain – one has been carefully preserved by the Begg family, the other is on display in the Paisley Museum.

In 1902 the company relocated to Ayr on Scotland’s south-west coast, a move that allowed Begg the space to invest in new machinery, and begin to develop a range of cutting-edge, exploratory weaving techniques. 150 years later, this commitment to innovation still stands, with Begg x Co renowned as a brand who are astute enough to use their experience as the firm foundation from which they can continuously pioneer new, and highly sophisticated methods of production.